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Planning Your Financial Future: A Starting Point

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Insurance Articles

The Value of Good Advice

Good advice from a financial professional can have a profound and positive impact on your life. Read More

What to Expect When You Apply for Insurance

Applying for life insurance is an important task that can be a little overwhelming. Read More

Choosing Insurance That Grows With You

There’s so many types of insurance—which one is right for you? Read More

Protecting Your Estate

You’ve worked hard all your life and have the assets you need to retire—now, protect it. Read More

Investment Articles

The ABC’s of Investing in Under 5 Minutes

With so many available options, investing can sometimes get complicated. Read More

TFSA vs RRSP vs Both. What’s Best for Me?

The short answer to the TFSA or RRSP question is that it depends. Read More

Should You Consider Using a Robo-Advisor?

Robo-advisors give their clients the tools to manage investment portfolios online. Read More

How Much Should I Contribute to My RRSP?

Do it right, and you maximize your tax savings AND set yourself up for retirement. Read More

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Published Works

A selection of articles, podcasts, and interviews featuring Clear Focus Financial and our founder, Christophe Voegeli.

Articles, Podcasts & Media

Preparing to Be Your Own Boss

By Christophe Voegeli
LinkedIn Article

Before You Die: An Estate Planning Checklist

By Christophe Voegeli
LinkedIn Article

Retirement Planning with Christophe Voegeli

CE Drive with Jason Watt
Podcast | Episode 9

Private Wealth Series

By Christophe Voegeli
CFA Society Edmonton 2018 Annual Report

Financial Planning Concepts with Christophe Voegeli

CE Drive with Jason Watt
Podcast | Episode 11

“Your Goals, Your Way” — Q&A with Clear Focus Financial

Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce Interview

Chapter 16: Financial Planning Practices

By Jason Watt with Christophe Voegeli (Contributor)
Business Career College Core Curriculum (2016)

Intrusive Gravity Currents from Finite-Length Locks in a Uniformly Stratified Fluid (2009)

By J.R. Munroe, C. Voegeli, B.R. Sutherland, V. Birman and E.H. Meiburg

What’s in a Rate of Return? Clarifying the Plethora of Return Concepts for the Client

By Christophe Voegelie
Exempt Edge Magazine (p.14)

Up, Down & Sideways: Statistics in the Exempt Market

By Christophe Voegeli
Exempt Edge Magazine (p.10)

Key Perspectives on Risk: Essential Discussions with Clients

By Christophe Voegeli
Exempt Edge Magazine (p.44)

Key Perspectives on Risk

By Christophe Voegeli
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