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Christophe Voegeli – Financial Planner

Christophe’s bio can also be found on the CFA Society Edmonton website.

Christophe began in the financial services industry in 2001, offering insurance and registered investments for an international financial services firm. This early apprenticeship made him want a better understanding of how money works, so he attended the University of Alberta and earned a degree in mathematical and statistical sciences with a specialization in finance. During university, Christophe excelled as a student: he sat on a chair committee board, achieved several academic awards, and earned an NSERC grant to pursue research in applied mathematics for fluid dynamics. Although his academic studies were very promising, Christophe had other plans for after his graduation. His personal experience building his own solid financial portfolio helped him realize that ultimately he wanted to use his abilities to help others build the same advantages. So in 2007, Christophe began full-time financial planning. His venture became Clear Focus Financial, where he specializes in helping career professionals and business owners in the Edmonton and Calgary regions.

Since establishing his firm, Christophe’s client base has grown in equal step with his aptitudes. He has obtained his designation as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU). With these punishingly selective certifications and the wide range of investments options they unlock, Christophe is able to offer his clients a truly diverse set of choices for their investments. It’s an offering that has already shown merit: Christophe soon earned Court of the Table honours with the Million Dollar Round Table, recognizing him as among the top 2% of financial planners across the globe.

Christophe was born and raised in the Edmonton area. When he isn’t working to build his clients’ portfolios, he enjoys competing in body building and mountain biking events, as well as guest lecturing at local universities. He, his wife, and their two young sons, also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and spending time with their extended family.

Andre Donado – Financial Advisor, Junior Associate

Andre Donado, B.A., is an economics graduate who is currently working towards his CFP designation. After years of helping out with the family business, he found a natural follow-up to this valuable experience in creating custom financial solutions for Alberta professionals. His training in economics only served to increase his respect for the factors that influence buying habits and societal trends, and how all these market features are linked together.

Each client is unique in identity and situation. As a result, a skilled financial planner is as much a listener and a diagnostician as a trusted counsel. With this in mind, Andre develops high-quality solutions to meet the ever-growing needs of his clients.

Currently, Andre works at Clear Focus Financial with one of the top financial planners in Edmonton. Here he receives the firsthand experience and knowledge of working in a independent financial planning shop.

His specialties include business owners, professionals, and new immigrants, as well as offering proper client education on all of the topics on which he advises.

Christophe Voegeli - Financial Planner - Clear Focus Financial
Christophe Voegeli
Andre Donado
Marnie Muma
Marnie Muma
Executive Assistant

Marnie Muma began with Clear Focus Financial in 2010 after moving to Alberta from Ontario. She came to Clear Focus Financial from a high-volume call centre where she managed teams of new staff and supervised training for database systems and client interface. She enjoys spending time with her husband and their very spoiled dog, and loves everything about technology.

Building Your Plan

At Clear Focus Financial, we help you build a plan to reach your goals, and show you how best to put your plan into action. Our objective is to make sure that your plan makes sense to you — that you feel comfortable with it, and that it gets you closer to where you would like to be. Even a small step in the right direction is better than no step at all, and we are here to help with that.

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