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With a fierce passion for practicing, researching, and teaching finance, the Clear Focus Financial team loves nothing more than sharing that passion with their community.

Christophe Voegeli, our founder,  has volunteered his time teaching, public speaking, and providing corporate sponsorship across a variety of organizations and causes.

Please contact us if you have a community initiative you would like Clear Focus Financial to get involved in!

Guest Lecturer

University of Alberta, MacEwan University & NAIT

Since 2012, Christophe has volunteered his time to guest lecture at Edmonton’s three premier post-secondary institutions. From addressing the local CFA chapters, participating in career events, or filling in as instructor for a night, Christophe’s lectures cover subjects from finance to mathematical and statistical sciences. These sessions have taken part in the departments of food science, physics, math and statistics, and the Alberta School of Business. Once per year he also participates in Job Shadow Week through the U of A’s Career Centre, offering local students personal career counselling and on-the-job experience at the offices of Clear Focus Financial.


Private Wealth Chair

CFA Society Edmonton

Christophe took on the position of Private Wealth Chair in 2015 and in 2022 moved to a sub committee volunteer position. Focusing on private wealth management for practitioners and clients alike, he facilitates the exchange of information and opinions among people within the local investment community while working to further the public’s understanding of the CFA designation and investment industry. In addition, he is on the subcommittee for luncheons, which provides him with the privilege to organize and work with speakers from around the globe, creating linkages between members, the local financial community, the global investment community, and the general public. Personal highlights for Christophe include coordinating events featuring the Wealthy Barber, David Chilton, and other specialists in the fields of behavioural psychology and retirement modelling. Other notable names of which Christophe helped orchestrate events include Dr. Wade Pfau, CFA, on sustainable withdrawal rates in retirement planning, as well as Dr. Moira Somers, a specialist in money and psychology.


Technical Expert

Financial Planning Standards Council

When the FPSC needed to update its training to account for new work along one of its most exciting frontiers, they came to Christophe Voegeli. He acted as a consultant for the organization in defining the technical knowledge expected of CFP professionals for the topic of Behavioural Psychology. As a member of this subgroup, he helped to create the code of practice for the emerging field of behavioral finance and decision making. In addition, Christophe helped design written problems which make up an exam bank of questions used to test CFP candidates on the national exam.


Court of the Table Status

Million Dollar Round Table

The Million Dollar Round Table, otherwise known as the Premier Association of Financial Professionals, was founded in 1927 and is an international, independent association with some 31,500 members — made up from less than 1 percent of the world’s life insurance and financial services professionals. MDRT membership is recognized internationally as the standard of excellence in the life insurance and financial services business. In addition to his inclusion in MDRT, Christophe has since earned Court of the Table status.


Guest Lecturer

MacEwan University

Before joining the faculty in 2018 as a sessional lecturer, Christophe regularly volunteered his time to address MacEwan University business classes as an invited guest on various classroom panels. Over the years, Christophe gave overviews on topics such as investments, financial markets, and running his own financial firm.


Guest Lecturer

Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society

An organization who’s impact hits close to home for Christophe, the Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society strives to make life manageable, functional and supportive for families. Christophe lectured on financial planning and estate planning for families with special needs.


2018 Annual Report Co-Author

CFA Society Edmonton

A longtime member of the Edmonton chapter of the CFA Society, Christophe regularly contributes to setting up events in the city, as well as a host of other organizational duties. He recently contributed the Private Wealth overview in the 2018 Annual Report. If you missed any events, here is a good overview.


Corporate Sponsor

Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society

Christophe and Clear Focus Financial are financial sponsors of the Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society, an organization dedicated to the accessibility of trails and support of mountain biking in the Moose Mountain and surrounding area.


Corporate Sponsor

Edmonton Mountain Bike Alliance (EMBA)

Christophe and Clear Focus Financial are also sponsors of the Edmonton Mountain Bike Alliance, a non-profit society dedicated to advocating for and improving mountain biking in the Greater Edmonton area.

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