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Mortgages, loans, savings, and more—we’ll find you some of the best solutions across Canada.

Banking is to an economy like oxygen is to a human: you just need it. At Clear Focus Financial we can help with a variety of banking solutions, from savings to borrowings. We can help provide:

  • industry-leading high interest savings accounts, with guaranteed returns, no fees, and complete accessibility; it can even be tax-free.
  • lines of credit which are either unsecured or secured against your home
  • mortgages, with highly competitive rates

Investors, especially young professionals, are often cashflow-rich but asset-poor. With 20 years ahead of them before retirement, prudent borrowing to invest can be a part of their portfolio. For many, borrowing into an RRSP allows a generous tax refund to pay off any bad debts like credit cards. With this strategy, their monthly investment goes to low interest ‘good’ debt for their RRSP, instead of expensive ‘bad’ debt. At Clear Focus Financial we can help with:

  • RRSP loans, with terms from 6 months to 10 years, and rates as low as Prime + 0.5%
  • RESP loans, for those eager to capture government education grants and to plan ahead for your child’s education
  • non-registered investment loans, which can be interest-only, or which can even be invested into pension products with guaranteed lifetime payouts. This type of borrowing also allows a tax break each year that you pay interest

Banking or borrowing solutions can be used in your plan, and we are here to help.

Let's Build Your Plan Today!

At Clear Focus Financial, we help you build a simple plan to reach your goals and show you how best to put that plan into action. We will empower you with knowledge and confidence, working together to get your financial future on track.


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