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Planning for Your Financial Future: A Starting Point

Start here to learn the basics about planning for your financial future. This series of short articles will find information and tools to help you begin thinking about your financial future, all based on your own unique situation.

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What’s in a Rate of Return? Clarifying the Plethora of Return Concepts for the Client
Exempt Edge Magazine (p.14)

Key Perspectives on Risk: Essential Discussions with Clients
Exempt Edge Magazine (p.44)

Up, Down & Sideways: Statistics in the Exempt Market
Exempt Edge Magazine (p.10)

Preparing to Be Your Own Boss
Her Success / LinkedIn

Rockstar Finance: Seeing Warren Buffett at the 2015 Berkshire AGM


Intrusive Gravity Currents from Finite-Length Locks in a Uniformly Stratified Fluid (2009)
by J.R. Munroe, C. Voegeli, B.R. Sutherland, V. Birman and E.H. Meiburg

Chapter 16: Financial Planning Practices, Business Career College Core Curriculum (2016)
by Jason Watt

CFA Society Edmonton 2018 Annual Report – Private Wealth Series

Association Membership Directories

Advocis Profile

CFA Society Edmonton 

Media & Podcast Appearances

CE Drive with Jason Watt, Ep. 9 – Retirement Planning
April 8, 2019

CE Drive with Jason Watt, Ep. 11 – Financial Planning Concepts 
June 11, 2019

“Your Goals, Your Way” – Q&A with Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce
April 23, 2019

Stay Fit and Save Money with Manulife Vitality

Looking for more ways to lower your life insurance premiums? Manulife Vitality rewards you for making healthy decisions. Each Vitality offering comes with a free wearable device, allowing you to track and monitor your health status, set goals, earn rewards, and save money. It’s a whole new approach to life insurance.

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Let's Build Your Plan Today!

At Clear Focus Financial, we help you build a simple plan to reach your goals and show you how best to put that plan into action. We will empower you with knowledge and confidence, working together to get your financial future on track.


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